Stand out above the online competition.

With such intense competition on the internet and the multitude of vehicles posted per day in Hawaii, an effective photo set can make all the difference when deciding which car a shopper will land on.

Your Pictures are Serious Business!

…and that happens to be our business.
We service lots of all shapes and sizes, taking pictures of used and/or new car inventories.

Photo Service
Professional photos of your inventory for the web or print.  Every photo is digitally remastered and enhanced to create an attractive and eye catching image.  We take an average of 25 pictures per vehicle. depending on features.   The pictures are taken at consistent and dramatic angles, and we will work to find a background on your lot that is suitable.  We also make sure to highlight the hotspots on the vehicle that are the key selling points.  10 years of doing this has gotten us pretty adept at the little tricks of the trade that greatly increase the effectiveness of the photos.
Upload Service
Get your inventory uploaded to where it’s needed.  We have worked with, Autotrader, Craigslist, Homenet, Dealer Specialties,, TK Carsites and much more.  We always upload the photos on the same day they are taken.
Custom Descriptions
A picture says a thousand words but some actual words are quite helpful when advertising a car online.  
Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Integration
There are many ways to get your inventory and specials integrated with powerful social media platforms.  We can help you explore and implement these possibilities.
Dealer Site Maintenance
Get the service and sales specials with other company website updates you need done posted to your existing site quickly and effectively.  We can even assist with building a separate online blog or newsletter for your dealership.

Pricing is based on inventory size and lot logistics, so please call 808-284-9844 for more information.

Professional Photography